Shishamo smelt, Hypomesus japonicus
     The body is covered with fine readily falling scales. Small mouth with little teeth is turned upwards. The abdominal fins are located under the beginning of the dorsal part, and the tail fin is deeply notched. The stomach is with  weakly developed cul-de-sac. Commonly occurs along the entire Primorye coastline. Is a coastal gregarious fish of small size. Its length does not exceed 20 cm. Becomes sexually mature when 9 cm long. Spawns in April-May on sandy and pebbly beaches at the very waterline. During that time, often jumps onto the beach even when with small waves. Spawns on sandy floor in hightide zone washed with water jets and saturated well with oxygen. Feeds on tiny plankton crustaceans.  Fattens and winters in the sea not far from shores. Plays a major role in feeding numerous predatory fish, including salmon. Is a commercial species. In Peter the Great Bay is landed with seines. Major object of amateur fishing.