Rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax dentex

   Passing commercial species. Significant locally as object of under-the-ice amateur fishing. In Primorye waters occur everywhere, enters to spawn into most large and small rivers. General distribution range spreads from Korea and Hokkaido coasts to Alaska
Bay. Its body is elongated and covered with readily shedding sparkling scales. The mouth is big with large teeth, and the lower jaw noticeably protrudes forward. Largest representative of smelt species. Are up to 34 cm long and weighs up to 300 g. Lives for 10 years.  In the sea, inhabits coastal areas. Becomes sexually mature in its third year when 15-16 cm long.
   Enters rivers to spawn. Starts running into rivers in March when they are still covered with ice or with beginning of ice drift. Spawns in first half of April. Spawning occurs at nighttime on stone-pebble bars up to 1 m deep. The roe is sticky, and when spawned sticks to pebbles, stones and water vegetation. Spawned fish moves into the sea. The young also roll into the sea to live in seawater till sexual maturity. Adult specimens feed on crustaceans and fish young (even of their own species). Zooplankton prevails in the food ration of young smelt.