Mintai, Theragra chalcogramma
Mintai, Theragra chalcogramma    Mintai is the most numerous codfish in the Pacific, widespread from Bering Sea to Korea.
    It leads a deepwater lifestyle at depths of up to 700 m. In Peter the Great Bay approaches the coastline only in winter and early spring to spawn and fatten at 50-100 m deep. Mintai roe floats, and it is present in huge amounts on spawning grounds, since fish accumulations are at times very dense. The female would spawn roe even at negative water temperatures of up to minus1.8oC. The larvae develop in deep water to be transferred by currents. The average size of mintai is 50 cm, and the maximum size is 80 cm at weight of 1.4 kg. The fish becomes sexually mature at three or four years old.
    The world catch of mintai amounted to 4 million tons, half of which was previously credited to the former USSR. Even though mintaiТs rapid growth and relatively early maturation maintains its reserves on a high level, commercial mintai fishery was restricted. At present, a know-how has been developed for obtaining tasty products from mintai. Production of salted roe and cured and dried fish was organized. Mintai liver contains a lot of fat and vitamin A, and is used to prepare delicatessen-canned goods.