Far Eastern navaga
Eleginus gracilis
Far Eastern navaga
    The navaga is a cold-loving floor fish. It belongs to the cod family and lives in the coastal areas of Japan, Okhotsk, Bering and Chukchi Seas. Fattens in summer at 30-60 m deep. In the fall-winter period, navaga schools move to the coastline to reproduce. Some shoals even enter lakes and river estuaries.
    The navaga feeds on various worms, crustaceans, and roe and young of other fish species. Matures in second or third year. Spawns from December to February at floor temperature of minus 1.8oC. The female spawns from 25 to 210 thousand roes, which slightly stick to underwater objects. Numerous enemies are on the watchout for larvae that appeared in April. As they grow, young species become more perceptible to predators and occasionally have to look for shelter under medusa cupolas. An adult navaga would be from 25 to 35 cm long, but some specimens are even 53 cm long and weigh 1.1 kg. The navaga is a commercial species landed with seines and fish traps. Under-ice angling of navaga is quite popular in Primorye.