Myoxocephalus brandii
Myoxocephalus brandii    Divers may come across this species on rocky soils, near boulder screes, and less often on sandy floor. Given that these encounters mostly occur in daytime, when the fish is not very active, it allows divers to touch it with their hands, and only if they bother it too much it swims away abruptly. But if you try to grab it more tightly, it starts to wiggle attempting to free itself, emitting hoarse growling sounds distinctly audible underwater. The fish body is wide and tall in front to sharply narrow towards the tail. It has no continuous scaling. The entire body is covered with a black-and-white pattern, and the fins bear stripes. The specimen length is up to 40 cm. The fish is widespread in Japan and Okhotsk Seas.
    Feeds chiefly at nighttime and in twilight on shrimps and small fry, looking out for its prey to grab it with its large mouth when it is within reach. Reproduces in March-April, laying its roe among alga thickets.