Garfish, Strongylura anastomella
Garfish, Strongylura anastomella     This species is a close relative of Hyporhamphus sajori. In the waters of Southern Primorye, they quite often catch it with  seines and nets in summertime. The Far Eastern garfish is quite a big fish of up to 90 cm long. It swims in wave-like style to ondularly bend its long body. Is also capable of jumping quickly, often out the water. Presents danger to divers, especially at nighttime, when it plunges against lantern lights. Its long jaws with tusk-like teeth show it to be a typical predator. There are real giant specimens among garfish. A crocodile garfish would be up to two meters long. Besides, it can make long jumps over floating objects, logs and even boats. Its flesh is edible, though some countries are prejudiced against it because of the strange green color of the bones.