Swordfish, Trichiurus lepturus
Swordfish, Trichiurus lepturus     This fish has highly distinctive outer appearance. Its long well proportioned  band-shaped body pressed from the sides gradually passes into its thinned tail, which ends in a thread-like appendix. For this reason, this species is not infrequently called hair-tails. Its color is silvery-opaque, and only the end of the jaw and the edge of the spinal fin are black. The body is covered with very fine and readily sheddable scales. When you take the fish with your hands, sticky scales would remain on your palms, and you feel as if your hands were silver-plated. The fish is distinguished by rapid growth to become 2 m long and 3 kg in weight. Prefers silly soils and normally lives at depths ranging from 50 to 80 m. Does not occur in open sea beyond the shelf zone. The swordfish is widespread in tropical and subtropical seas, and in some seasons enters temperate waters. In Primorye is noted at maximum water warming in August-September. In the late nineteen twenties, it was commonly sold at Vladivostok fish markets. In Southeast Asia, is landed with trawl lines virtually the whole year round. The flesh is very tasty and has high fat content. Till recently, the scales were used to manufacture imitation pearl decorations.