Far Eastern Tribolodon brandti
Far Eastern Tribolodon brandti       Semipassing fish highly familiar to local residents. Unlike other carp fish, it can live in salty seawater, but sticks to small inlets and bays. At sea, may be observed at up to 50 m deep. To spawn, enters the rivers of Primorye and Peter the Great Bay in late May. During spawning, males and females acquire a wedding color in the form of a longitudinal red stripe on the body. Ascends upstream along the current of small rivers to reach mountainous sites with rapid current and pebbly floor. Ascends along Razadolnaya River till Chinese border and probably higher. Spawns yellow sticky roe on pebbles and stones. Spawned specimens roll into the sea. The young keep in small schools to leave rivers in August-September to return back to winter in November. Grows to 50 cm long to weigh up to 1.5 kg. In years when its population is high, up to 4.5 thousand tons were landed in Primorye. Is sold fresh. Is a major object of amateur fishing.