Fresh-water smelt, Hypomesus olidus
Fresh-water smelt    Supposing you suddenly smell the odor of a cucumber bed coming to you on a warm July midday from cases with freshly caught fish, you could almost unhesitatingly declare that the cases contain smelt.
    Fresh-water smelt feeds on tiny plankton crustaceans and fish young. It plays a significant part in feeding predator fish species, including salmon, and also sea birds. Its length does not exceed 13-14 cm. Specimens of 4-10 cm long prevail in catches. Grows rapidly to become sexually mature in its second year of life. Enters rivers in late April-early May to spawn. Does not ascend high in rivers.  Spawns on stone-pebble soils in places with rapid currents. The roe is small and sticky. After spawning, descends to river estuaries to enter the sea; some fish remain in the river. In summertime, intensely feeds on various plankton organisms. Commercially is a secondary species, an object of local and amateur (under-the-ice) fishing in Primorye rivers.