National natural sanctuaries

Snow Leopard National Republican Zoological Sanctuary
Moose National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Tayohnii National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Tikhii National Specific Sanctuary
Poltava National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Beriozovyi National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Chornye Skaly National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Vassilkovskii National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Hanka National Specific Sanctuary
Borissov Plateau National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary
Basic National Comprehensive Sanctuary
Goralii National Zoological Sanctuary
Vostok Bay National Comprehensive Marine Sanctuary

    National Natural Sanctuaries are territories (water bodies) of special significance designed to preserve or restore natural complexes or their components, and maintain  ecological balance. Activities contrary to sanctuary objectives or those inflicting damage to natural complexes and components shall be banned or restricted on their  territories.
    The nature management regime on sanctuary territories may vary. Some Primorye sanctuaries have functioned for several decades, and today thirteen with total area of 298.7 thousand ha (1.8% of PrimoryeТs territory) exist in the province, including one with  federal significance, and twelve regional. Most of them are directly supervised  by Primorye Territorial Game Authority.
    The Vladivostok National Comprehensive Sanctuary (suburban forest park) was created in 1967 on 16.5 thousand hectares to protect  the natural complex of the forest suburban zone of the city of Vladivostok.

Photograph from the book: Sanctuaries of Prinmorye. Moscow: Sovietskaya Rossiya Publishers, 1988.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.