The Tayozhnyi National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary is located in Krasnoarmeisk District in the northern part of Primorye, occupying the entire upper part of Perevalnaya River basin. It was formed in 1973, and its operation period was subsequently prolonged in 1996.
     In a way, the Sanctuary is unique, since its territory has not been touched by major cuttings. Its vegetation is basically composed of dark conifer and cedarbroad-leaved forests, as well as seventeen species of rare and disappearing vascular plant species.
     Tayozhnyi is inhabited by the Amur tiger, the sable, the squirrel, the mink, the otter and the Siberian ferret; of Ungulata, by the Manchurian deer, the boar, the roe deer and the musk deer; and of predators, by the Himalayan and brown bears. Around ninety bird species nest here, and at least one hundred other species cross and stop on its territory during migrations, including twelve species of rare and disappearing birds. Sixteen Red Book insect species also live here.
     Given its ready accessibility to various transport vehicles, the animal population density is extremely low on account of hunting and poaching in the Sanctuary outskirts. At the same time, due to efficient protection of Tayozhnyi itself, the animal population density in the Sanctuary is high, and this in turn causes the presence of several tiger specimens in the area.
     In Tayozhnyi, all forms of game hunting, commercial and amateur fishing, major chopping, plowing and use of toxic chemicals, commercial gathering of wild berries,  presence of leashless dogs, hiking and recreation are banned. Likewise forbidden are geological prospecting and mining of mineral resources, research, and withdrawal of land counter to Tayozhnyis objectives.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.