The Poltava National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary (area 119,000 ha) is situated in Pogranichnyi and Oktyabrskii Districts, western Primorye.
   Created in 1963, in 1996, when PoltavaТs operation term was extended, its area was decreased to cause a discontinuity between Poltava and Borisovskoye Plateau Sanctuaries.
   PoltavaТs objective is to protect game animal species and increase its feeding capacity.
   Essentially banned in Poltava are all forms of game hunting and presence of leashless dogs. Geological prospecting and mining of mineral resources; use of toxic chemicals, chemical defensive weapons  and plant growth stimulants;  providing land plots for construction and withdrawal of land in violation of its objectives are subject to control.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.