The National Zoological (Game) Moose Sanctuary (area 26,000 ha) is located in Ternei District in the north of Primorye.
     It was formed in 1986, and its purpose today is to preserve and increase the moose and other game Ungulata populations, as well as those of rare and disappearing animal and plant species. On the territory of the Sanctuary, all forms of hunting hoofed game, plowing land and using toxic chemicals, tourism, hiking and recreation, and presence of unleashed dogs are prohibited. Geological exploration and mining of mineral resources, research, removal of land not conforming with the SanctuaryТs purposes, commercial gathering of wild berries and mushrooms are subject to control.
     The Sanctuary is located in the lower part of the ichthyologically unique Venyukovka River, as incidentally are all rivers in Ternei District. It is unique because its river system formed way back in Miocene, and formation of the recent river basin was concomitant with interceptions of river sources on the western slope of Sikhote Alin. This led to formation of specialized fish populations and communities. Again, Ternei District rivers substantially differ from each other in composition of fish species. So, the Sanctuary should also help preserve  the unique fish fauna of Venyukovka River. Hopefully, the latter  will be expanded until the entire river basin becomes part of the area.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.