The CHORNYE Skaly National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary (area 12.4 thousand hectares) is situated in Dalnegorsk District in eastern Primorye, extending along the Japan Sea coast. The territory is largely occupied by coastal cliffs.
    Was created in 1984 on 2.92 thousand hectares, and the area was enlarged when the Sanctuarys operation term was extended.
    Chornye Skalys objective is to preserve the wild goat, spotted deer and other representatives of the animal kingdom and their habitats, and to increase the areas feed capacity by improving forest cover composition.
    All forms of game hunting, chopping, tree extraction, use of toxic chemicals, parking of motor vehicles, tourist and hiker camps and bivouacs, and presence of unleashed  dogs in the sanctuary shall be banned.
    Geological prospecting and mining of mineral resources, as well as commercial purveyance of wild plants, R & D, and withdrawal of land in contravention with the Sanctuarys objectives are subject to control.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.