BORISSOV Plateau National Zoological (Game) Sanctuary (area 63,429 ha) is situated in southwestern Primorye along the border with China (at the abutment of Nadezhdinsk, Ussuriisk and Khasan Districts).
    A larger part consists of a basalt plateau split by deep-cut small river valleys.
    The sanctuary was created in 1996 to protect game animal populations and those of rare and disappearing plant and animal species and their respective habitats. The territory is represented by black sprucebroad leaved forests.
    The southernmost larchwood massif and the northernmost forests with  the Schmidt birch are located here.
    The following rare and disappearing species inhabit the area: mammalsthe Far Eastern leopard; birdsthe hairy Sitta, etc.; insectsthe Chinese honey bee, a group of Chinese and Korean ground beetles, and numerous endemic Coleptera.
    All forms of game hunting, parking of motor vehicles, use of toxic chemicals, tourist bivouacs and camps, and presence of unleashed dogs are banned here. Prospecting of mineral resources, R & D work, hiking, and withdrawal of lands counter to the Sanctuarys objectives are subject to control.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.