Курорты Приморья         The first curative and health-improvement locality appeared in Primorye only in 1997, and is not shown in the map. It includes Expeditsiya Inlet, Khassan Region, and its neighborhood (watershed basin). This is due to the presence in the inlet of marine silt sulfide mud with balneological properties surpassing similar mud of Sadgorod resort. The territory is suitable for organizing treatment and prevention of diseases, and also for recreation.
 Primorye has two resorts, one at Sadgorod, Vladivostok, on the basis of mud deposits, and one at Shmakovka, Kirov District, on the basis of cold carbonate mineral springs. These territories, reserved for creation of extra-protected natural ranges as most valuable for preservation of biological diversity and in ethnic and cultural respect, are not numbered in the map.
 Their respective ecological significance is cited in the long-term Program for Nature Protection and Rational Use of the Natural Resources of Primorye Till the Year 2005.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.