The planned Vadivostok Natural Park will presumably be created in the  northeastern part of Muraviov-Amursky Peninsula (with its resort zone along Ussuri Bay, including Popov, Rikorda, Reineke, Naumov, Kozlov, Klykov, Karamsin, Verkhovskoi, Pakhtusov, Krotov, Sergeev, Moiseev, Tsivolko and Zheltukhin Islands) (total area 18.6 thousand ha). It would also include Peschannyi Peninsula, parts of Russky, Askold, and Putyatin Islands and adjacent water area based on  Vladivostok and Ostrovnoi Sanctuaries. The park is distinguished by diversity of flora species.
    Vascular plants are represented by 125 families, 469 genera and 1,184 species, 42 of them assigned to rare and disappearing varieties.
    The animal kingdom is not so diverse, and includes about 268 bird species, 35 of them Russian Red Book species. Nearly 100 bird species nest here. The presence of the nearby city of Vladivostok would make the future park a major recreational spot.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.