The planned Kema-Amgu National Park is situated preferentially on the territory of Ternei District, including an insignificant part of Krasnoarmeisk District.
    The territory is extended latitudinally, stretching  from River Tayozhnaya in the west to the seacoast in the northeast to an area of 274.9 thousand ha.).
    It includes the Ozernoye Plateau (a unique place on the peak of Sikhote Alin ridge with small lakes), the main section of the basin of River Kema (the most interesting river in Primorye for rafting over rapids and stony river beds), the upper part of the basin of River Amgu (with its mineral springs and highest waterfalls in Primorye) and Mt. Kurortnaya with its unique alpine vegetation.
    The area is distinguished by considerable biological diversity, including fifty-one rare and endangered vascular plants and twelve Red Book lichen species, about 130 nesting bird species, including fifteen rare and disappearing species (the black stork, the mandarin duck, the scaly Mergur albellus, the white-tail Haliaethus, etc.), and over thirty mammal species, including the Red Book Amur tiger and Himalayan bear.   The area is also known to have twenty-seven rare and disappearing insect species, e.g. the narrow-chest ground beetle, the European ground beetle, the Palearctic nossa, etc.
    The fishes inhabiting the rivers are also unique, being characterized by fourteen species that pass from the sea into rivers and by five fresh-water species. The area also has  several archeological monuments.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.