The planned Upper Ussuri National Park will be located at the abutment of Olga, Chuguyevka and Laso districts to include the watershed section of Sikhote Alin ridge with Mt. Sestra (one of the most picturesque peaks of the Russian Far East with numerous weird rocky outliers at the top), the mountain mass Oblachnaya-Snezhnaya (Primoryes highest peaks), and also the adjacent upper parts of the basins of Ussuri, Milogradovka (with canyons beginning in a bogged plateau) and Margaritovka Rivers.
    The park also includes a small sector of the seacoast near the estuary of Chornaya River, total planned area 97.1 thous. ha.
    The territory has four natural monuments (the Devils Bridge Tract, the Divnyi Waterfall) and several mineral springs.
    The territory of the planned national park currently enjoys invariable popularity with tourists, notably the waterfalls of River Milogradovka, and Mts. Oblachnaya and Sestra. There are fourteen archeological monuments here.
    Considerable altitude gradients and terrain specifics have caused the presence of virtually all types of Southern Sikhote Alin vegetation to grow on a relatively small area.
    The territory is particularly noted for a number of relict plant species, some of them rare and belonging to communities occupying significant areas, e.g. the Araliaceae.
    Seventy-three rare vascular species and those requiring protection (Schroebers Brasenia, the spread Oreorchis, etc.) and eleven Red Book lichen species grow here. Forest bird species, over 100 of them nesting varieties, prevail in the area, including fourteen rare and disappearing species (scaly Mergur albellus, the fish owl, etc.). About 45 mammal species, including the Red Book Amur tiger, the Far Easterm forest cat, the spotted deer, the Himalayan bear, etc., inhabit the area. Twenty-six rare and dissppearing insect species (the relict cockroach, Eversmanns Apollo, Uvarovs grasshopper, the relict longhorn beetle, etc.)  have been registered here.

 Yu. BERSENEV, State Committee for Environment Conservation of Primorye Territory.