Winter        In Primorye, winter is long and with low air temperatures. In the central and northern areas it lasts for 4-5 months, and in the southwest for 3-3.5 months. The weather in winter is preferentially clear and sunny. When sea air is carried by southerly winds, thaws are possible with rise in air temperature to 3-4oC and with precipitation, including rain. Within the bounds of the coastal zone, wind velocities in winter are considerably high. Mean wind velocities everywhere top the 5 m/sec mark to reach in some open sites 10 m/sec. Wind velocities are high (over 10 m/sec) on peaks of Sikhote Alin range.  In continental western districts, winter is characterized by clear weather with either total absence of winds or with slight winds. Total absence of winds is characteristic of intermontane valleys. Strong winds with velocity over 15 m/sec blow here rather seldom, and in some places not every winter. In Primorye, blizzards are not frequent, and the average number of days with blizzards fluctuates from five to twenty-five per winter. The first snow appears on the peaks of Sikhote Alin already in early October. It is not very thick, amounting to 18-20 cm. The thickest snow cover is in mountainous regions, where it reaches 85-100 cm. In the southern areas of Primorye, the snow cover is unstable. With approach of spring, already in February, the sun and wind rapidly УdevourФ the snow and destroy the ice.