Age structure    The populationТs age structure essentially depends on past birth and mortality rates. Migration also has a noticeable impact.
    In Primorye, population reproduction processes were only very recently highly active; hence, its population is distinguished by relative youth. The average age of residents is only 33.7 years. The able-bodied group is quite large. In  1989, it comprised 61% of the total Primorye population, but has now reduced to 60.1%. The corresponding figures for Russia were 56.9 and 57.3%, respectively. Its low share of persons of pension age, who amount to 7% less than in Russia as a whole, also distinguishes Primorye. At the same time, the worsening of the nationТs demographic situation in recent years is leading to gradual aging of the local population. Over the past twenty years, the number of pensioners in Primorye had grown by 240%. The population of rural districts aged especially quickly, moreover since young people migrated from there to urban areas. Today, in some of them, people of pension age comprise about 15% of the population as compared with 13% for Primorye as a whole. Again, the share of able-bodied people does not exceed 59%, and in some cases declines to 55-56%.