Founded - in 1898
Population - 161 000



   The city of Ussuriysk was founded in 1898 from two neighboring settlements, Nikolskoye Village and Ketritsevo Community. Its original name was Nikolsk-Ussuriysky. In 1935 it was changed to Voroshilov, and 1957 the city has been renamed again to Ussuriysk.
    Its convenient geographic position in the center of Prikhankaiskaya (near Lake Khanka) Plain, favorable for farming and agriculture, predetermined economic orientation of the city. Much municipal industry works for food and agricultural produce processing purposes.   Ussuriysky Maslohzirkombinat  produces a number of different vegetable oils and margarine as well  as butter using soybeans, maize, and sunflower seeds as products major raw materials . Primorsky Sakhar (sugar producing factory) produces thousands tons of sugar supplying the whole region. Food products and goods of flour-grinding factory, brewery, meatpacking plant, and tannery are well liked both in and outside Primorsky Region.
    Engineering industry is known by its wood processing equipment, refrigerators, and laundry appliances. The enamelware made in Ussuriysk is exported to other countries. Local repair works give new life to diesel and electric locomotives, combines and automobiles. Furniture and garment factories add to the city's prosperity.
    Ussuriysk is an important railway and highway junction.  It is connecting Primorsky Region and the People's Democratic Republic of Korea and China. It accommodates locomotive, carriage, and refrigerator-van depot servicing the southEastern section of the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
    Ussuriysk is an administrative and cultural center. Its science potential accounts a number of research institutions working for agriculture, such as Primorsky Agricultural Research Institute, Mountain-Taiga Station, Far Eastern State Engineering Station, and Plant Protection Station. Higher Education  is well represented by Teaching and Agricultural , Automobile Engineering Trade School. Multiple colleges prepare specialists for agriculture and railroad, medical and social purposes.  Suvorov Military School is very popular among the high school graduates.
    The Ussuriysky Preserve named after Academic  Komarov occupies the city's vicinity.  Its neighbor is the Sun Service Station, the  most Eastern  astronomic station in Russia.
    The territory of Ussuriysk and its vicinity has a long history. Multiple archeological sites and monuments prove this area to be a prosperous ancient civilization of IX-XIII centuries with many prominent people and well-developed economy.

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