Founded - in 1911
   Population - 61 000
   Spassk -Dalniy is the home for construction and building industries of Primirsky Region. This town has developed from a railroad settlement Yevgenyevka founded in1885.The records of 1926 showed  for Spassk-Dalniy only 11.4 thousand residents, nowadays its population exceeds over 60 000 people. The town cradles the major in the Russian Far East Cement Producing Factory, Asbestos-Cement Production Complex, Sanitary Engineering and Ferroconcrete Works, several light industrial and food producing factories. 
Spassk-Dalniy     Its repair plant provide services for agriculture and logging machinery and equipment. Social and cultural sector includes Pedagogical Lyceum, Industrial College, Woodwork Engineering and Medical Schools, multiple engineering lyceums.

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