Founded - in 1938
Population - 49 000
 The city of Partizansk has developed from a settlement of miners that grew around a coal mine founded in 1896. In 1938 the settlement  became a city of Partizansk. Partizansk is an important coal-mining center of Primorsky region.  It has the second biggest  fuel and energy producing complex in the region. Some other industry of Partizansk include sewing and leather-design factories, food and confectionery  factories with fruit and vegetable processing plants, and a major brewery.Lazovy Settlement in the vicinity of Partizansk is a favorite attraction foconstantly growing number of tourists. 
Partizansk     From Lazovy tourist trails run out to estuaries and waterfalls, to ridges Partizansky, Livadiysky, and Prezhevalsky. Multiple municipal hospitals, vacation homes, and sanatoriums provide social and health services for the locals and its vicinity. Recreation centers at the Sikhote-Alin' Ridge foothills with artificial lake, beach areas and boats accommodate children and grown-ups. Mining college and lyceums prepare specialists for local industry. Wide-frame movie theatre and 15 social and cultural centers open their doors in the evenings.

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