Founded - in 1950
  Population - 164 000
  Nakhodka is the gates between Primorsky region and Russia at large with  the Pacific Ocean. The city is located  on the mountains stretching out for 30 km along the seaside. Prior 1926 two settlements situated near America Bay accounted only 300 people. The decision on the construction of the ocean port on made in 1943 stimulated the growth of local population. In 1950 Nakhodka  with its constant growing population became a major city.
Nakhodka      Now it is a major ocean port, a center of industry and transport activity in the Russian Far East. Its cargo turnover comes up to 10 million ton.  Daily the port serves dozens of Russian and international freightliners and fishing boats. 

    Every month numerous  freightliners (members of the Far Eastern Shipping Company) leave for the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and India carrying important commercial cargo.
    Over 15 countries of the Asia-Pacific Rim have their representative offices in Nakhodka. The city vicinity is the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) that attracts international business and finances to the area and stimulates growing business relationships with the Asia-Pacific Rim countries.
    The ocean port of Nakhodka terminal  consists of the number of fuel tanks, fishing, and trade port facilities. Port Vostochny (very close to Nakhodka) has coal-mooring lines and container terminal with cranes that unload containers directly on railway platforms. Thus a container stock is formed in just a few hours.
    Important industries are fishing and ship repair, JS Co. "Active Marine Fishing Base" is a major fishing business, whose fishing boats catch thousand tons of pollack, tuna, perch, and herring. Primorsky Region and Nakhodkinsky Ship Repair Woks represent ship repair. The former deals with trawling and refrigerating fleet, the latter - with transport vessels.
    FEZ of Nakhodka was established in 1990 together with the other 12 FEZs of Russia,  turning Nakhodka into a center of transcontinental trade.  By January 1995, 469 companies with foreign capital, whose total investments made up US$220 mil, had been registered there. Among major investment projects are Russia-USA technological park and Russia-Korea industrial complex, as well as  reconstruction of mooring lines and other port facilities. In 1997 Seoul confirmed the agreement on Russia-Korea industrial complex. However, the lack of tax privileges for foreign investments, and laws on free economic zones hampers economic development of Nakhodka FEZ. Nevertheless the project on technological park is being developed, at the moment mostly in the part of cargo processing and telecommunications.
    Tourism  industry is a fast growing component of the cityТs economy. Regional universities have set up their branch campuses to prepare qualified personnel directly on the spot.
    Even the monuments in the city portray  its economic growth as international  seaport. In 1978 the delegation from Maidzuru, its sister-city in Japan, presented Nakhodka  with the "Friendship Stone". The legend says the mayor of Maidzuru cut this stone from a rocky mountain. Inscriptions on the stone are made in  both Japanese and Russian languages.  This memorial stone symbolizes long-lasting friendship between two cities. There are two memorial walls with the emblems of sister-cities and the legends in English, Russian, and Japanese in Nakhodka. One symbolizes its friendship with two Japanese cities Maidzuru and Otaru, another built in 1973 - with Oakland.

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