Founded - in 1938
    Population - 45 000

    The city of Lesozavodsk rests on the banks of the Ussuri River. It has developed from two Cossack villages Medveditskaya and Donskaya, which were founded in 1895 and 1894 respectively. By 1938 all tree villages grew together into the city of Lesozavodsk.  Its very convenient location at the crossroad of tree transport routes (river, railroad, and highway) boosted up its  rapid development. In 1926 the city counted  only  around 2 000 residents. By 1959 its population grew to 32 000 people, nowadays it exceeds 45 000 people.
    Local industry accounts wood floating  company, hydrolysis plant, and lumber and wood fiber-plate manufacturing. Lumber Processing Combine produces manufactured houses and construction parts, saw-timber, and household furniture. Besides those industries, Lesozavodsk has locomotive and carriage-repair depot, meatpacking business, and a bakery, that supplies the whole city of Lesozavodsk with freshly baked bread.
    The local Forestry Technical College and Forestry School  educate, train, and certify qualified personnel for the lumber industry . House construction is also a very rapidly  developing industry, leaving the city  beautifully landscaped  with variety of  different parks, gardens, and walking trails.

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