Founded - in 1917
    Population - 32 000

    Dalnerechensk is a frontier city stretching along the Bolshaya Ussurka River just 5 km away from its estuary.  The river, highway, and air routes connect it with multiple taiga settlements of Primorky region. The railway connects it with the city of Khabarovsk. 


The city has developed from a small Cossack village of "Grafskaya". Cossacks settled there at the end of XIX century. Very soon a railway station and a wharf were set up very close to the village. In 1917 Bolshaya Grafsksy village was granted  with the status of city.  At that time its population  consisted of  only1 500 people, nowadays it has grown to  over 30 000 people.
Dalnerechensk     The city industry consists of  a sawmill, a cooper factory, house construction and woodworking businesses producing saw-timber, construction parts, furniture, and manufactured homes. Food sector consists of meatpacking,  vegetable oil-mil, cereal mill, and food-staff businesses.
 Social and cultural life of the city is concentrated around its municipal movie theatre, cultural centers, and museum prominent by its historical displays and expositions.

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