Founded: in 1989
    Population - 50 000

      Dalnegorsk is the center of non-ferrous and mining-chemical industries. Its history goes back to 1897.  This expedition with a talented engineer S.V. Maslennikov in charge, discovered lead and zinc deposits in the area of the Sikhote-Alin spurs. Soon after this discovery,  big mining operation was formed to explore and develop lead and zinc ores. It was a very fast developing business with regularly updated equipment and machinery. By the Second Wold War the Sikhote-Alin Polymetallic Complex has developed into a major mining operation with complete tin manufacturing cycle.

In 1965 another mining-chemical business was set up there. It was the Primorsky Mining-Chemical Combine lately reorganized into BOR Production Complex. Nowadays this complex produces 20 boron-containing products. In quality many of them successfully compete with their foreign piers. BOR Production Complex supplies our domestic market and exports its product to over 30 foreign countries.
    These products are very popular with locals. Powder bleach "Kristall" and "Universalny,  kitchen cleaners are just few of them. The rapid growth of  production facilities created demand for housing and social-cultural sectors . That was a modern settlement with multistoried residential houses, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, cultural centers, and sport facilities. By 1989 its population grew to 50 000 and the settlement was granted a city status.

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