SOLAR RADIATION
    In amount of sun heat, Primorye ranks one of the first in Russia, not inferior even to such territories as the Crimea and the Caucasus Black Sea coast. In one year, Primorye is supplied with solar heat equal to 110-115 kcal/sq. cm. Maximum supply of solar heat occurs in winter (80-85% of theoretically rated amount) because that period is marked by the greatest number of cloudless days. In summer, considerable cloudiness and fogs lessen the supply of direct solar energy and, on the contrary, increase the share of scattered radiation (which at that time of the year amounts to 40-50% of the total radiation).
     Total sun heat in Vladivostok, a city surrounded from all sides by the sea, amounts to 120 kcal/, whereas in St. Petersburg, Charade (Crimea) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) it is 82, 124 and 134 kcal/sq. cm, respectively.

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