Founded - in 1938
       Population - 69 000
    Artem and Partizansk are important fuel and energy centers of Primorsky Region. The city of Artem is associated with the coal deposits in the northern part of the Muravyev-Amursky Peninsula and the Zybunsky Mine that was founded there. In 1924 the mine was reorganized into the Artemovsky State Open Coal Pit. In 1938 the pit and the satellite settlement were declared a city named, after Artem (real name F.A. Sergeyev), a prominent figure of the Communist Party. Consequently lacquer and paint, mineral wadding, brick, refractory materials, and reinforced concrete industries joined coal-mining industry in providing a main block of ArtemТs economy. 
Artem    The Thermoelectric Power Station constructed in the city limits provides electric power for the whole Southern Primorsky Region. The childrenТs wear and garments, furniture, faience and porcelain ware produced by the factories of Artem is popular among the locals for their high quality and variety.

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