Puctures by  V.Ankov 
Salvage  helicopter  after  take  off  from  deck
Big  antisubmarine  warship "Admiral  Panteleev"
Salvage  helicopter  after  take  off  from  the  deck
Jet  artillery  installation  firing
City  and  warship:  theire  fates  are  inteparable
Atomic  missile  submarine  at  sea
A  submarine  commander   at  periscope
Atomic   submarine  at  sea
Diesel   submarine  at  sea  and  on  parade
Big  antisubmarine  warship  firing  at  air  target
Watch  officer
Big  antisubmarine  warship  at  sea
Big  antisubmarine  warship  after  firing
Warship enters  in  let
One  of  the  best  officers
Big  antisubmarine  warship  at  sea
Antisubmarine  plane  during  landing
In   antisubmarine  plane  cabin
Antisubmarine  plane  before  take  off
Winter  at  airport
Antisubmarine  helicopter  crew
Salvage  helicopter  during  take  off
Transport  the  helicopter  during  landing
Sea  landing  exercises
Loading  equipment  on  board  ship
Self - propelled  artillery  installations  on  parade
Best   warship   gunners
In  Golden  Horn  bay
Missile  torpedo - boat   watch   officer
Sea  bound  missile  torpedo - boats
Missile  torpedo - boat  firing  at  sea  target
Rendezvous  at  sea:  Missile  torpedo - boat  and  big  landing  transport
Mobile  missile  AA- defense  complex  firing  at  air  target
Big  antisubmarine  warship  "Marshal  Shaposhnikov"  at  pier
Atomic  submarines  at  pier
Diesel  submarine  at  sea
Smoke  screen  at  sea
Warship  during  exercises
Big  antisubmarine  warship  and  antisubmarine  warplane:  rendezvous  at  sea
Sea  wolf
Diesel  submarine  in  stormy  sea        
Commencement  for   young  lieutenants  at  S. O.  Makarov  Higher  Pacific  Naval  College
Big  antisubmarine  warship  on  parade
In  compartment  of  training  vessel:  sailors  learn  fire - fighting  techniques
In  compartment  of   training  vessel  for  combating  water:  practice  dent;  realwater
Crew  of salvage  launch  parachuted  from  plane  during  exercises
Deep - waterdevice  designed  for  salvage  operations
Sailor's  work  is  no  easy  thing
Sailor's   hands
Cleaning   fuel   tank
Sunset  over  sea
Navy  Day:  during  show  at  Pacific  Fleet  aquatic station
The  Memorial  "Pacific  Fleet's Fighting Glory"  is  in the  very  heart  of  Vladivostok
Missile  cruiser "Variag"  at   pier
Naval  Cemetery.  At monument to "Variag" sailors fallen  in  action
World  War Two veterans
No one  is  forgotten
World  War Two veteran
Naval  Cemetery.   At   monument   to   fallen   sailors
Naval  Cemetery.   Monument   to   fallen   submariners
V-G Day.Vladivostok  Naval  Embankment
Navy  Day
Show  at Pacific  Fleet  aquatic  station
Sail  frigate
Pacific  Fleet guests - foreign  navymen
PacificFleet Song and Dance Ensemble. Performing before torpedo-boat crewmen
Youngsters  dreamof the sea
Warship  back  from  remote  expedition...
Kamchatka  below       
Snow  in  Kamchatka  is  no  rare  thing
On board atomic  submarine
Kamchatka.  Atomic  submarine at sea
Atomic submarine at pier
Kamchatka. Atomic  submarine  at  sea